I’m not sure where I thought I was going to find rules for them (I believe they may have been published in the old Inquisitor magazine that GW. Hi John,. I have been more than just a bit busy over the last few months. Inq 18 will be out in February. Tim. — Tim DuPertuis ARMORCAST and. Armorcast acts like it doesn’t even want to remember this magazine. Come on Timmy This being the EARLIEST Archive entry for Inquisitor.

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A blog about tabletop hobby and or strategy games, with a side order of electronic turn based goodness here and there. Now with tons of retro gaming content both electronic and tabletop. Fan Magazines Part 3: Well it is another week and once I found some time to read the issue I decided to bring you all the maagzine.

It was 3 dollars. Inside cover has an ad for Armorcast products since its mostly a armorcas organ for said products.

This issue is 36 total pages counting the covers. The main feature this issue is why I don’t like it. There are many grammatical, spelling, or text formatting issues in this issue. They are not good. Look at their prices for resin kits. I personally own the two Chaos releases and an Eldar Tempest. I have seen a number of the other ones in real life. In fact my second game of 40K was against an Eldar player with that Falcon which was thankfully replaced in look by Games Workshop’s now iconic plastic kit.


I never chose to play him again. Throwing resin stuff and other complicated bits armorcats a new player aint COOL. I won’t really compare prices until Issue 17 which is the last one to have prices for Armorcast 40K stuff before their rights were lost.

Magazzine GW would release their own resin for three or more times the price. As GW is wont to do. This issue opens with Tim D. At the 2nd edition 40k Games Workshop schedule roughly quarterly.

What this magazine is supposed to be. And insists this magazine isn’t an Armorcast house magazine. There is then a three page article on converting the Fourth Edition Warhammer Fantasy Chaos army book into being used for 40K.

Seems fairly legit and thought out.

He is positive about the spaceship minis he covers and talks about his paint schemes to use as 40k universe ships. Maybe inquisiitor took their orders from their corporate overlords, but they brought the suck to us.

Not official but their intent.

Resin Vehicles & Titans

Except nobody ever played it that way. They insist if played sensibly they should be ok and various allusions to cheesemongers being ostracized but this never happened.

Everyone used Allies as a way to take more super units than their army list already allowed. Thus 3rd-5th edition 40K removed this option. The biggest part is their core titan ruleset. Its overcomplicated, fidgety, adds in tons more die rolls, record keeping, record SHEETS to write on, and is just sort of armorrcast Battletech levels of aspie detail to inquisiotr game unsuited for it.

Look at all this nonsense. Pages and pages of rules, and exceptions for all the gonzo equipment out by this time in the Codexes. And an example of the record sheets. Has anyone ever used it? If so how many hours of tedium did it add to the game?


We end the issue with a two page listing of Titan and Knight Legions and Clans with their homeworld, forgeworld, and ramorcast schemes if known.

A LOT of the entries have an “Unknown” in them someplace. Back cover has six conventions listed including one Armorcast will be at. Want ads for people inquisitorr for stuff in this pre Ebay age, and the Subscriptions and Back Issue form. I wouldn’t mind getting them all.

Though somehow I doubt I would get them for that price before shipping, armorcaet less after.

Most ebay sellers seem to charge 5 dollars in US to ship a single issue of White Dwarf. So what did I think about my first issue of Inquisitor?

Armorcast Inquisitor Magazine Pdf

The Chaos rules are replaced by the 40K Codex, the Titan rules are overly complex and fussy. Don’t go out of your way for it unless its part of a lot or you want to play 28mm scale Titan Battletech with mostly 40K rules. And not really use normal 40K figures much if at all in your game.

We have modern 6th edition 40K with Apocalypse 2nd edition for that. Newer Post Older Post Home. Hey We Have Achievements Now.

I am a nerd! Join our nerd ways at https: