Asar Imhotep studies African Philosophy, Egyptology, and Greek Scholia and History of Scholarship. Asar Imhotep is a software developer and Africana. Asar Imhotep. likes · 44 talking about this. Asar Imhotep is a Computer Programmer, Poet, Photographer, Cultural Theorist and Africana researcher. The latest Tweets from Asar Imhotep (@imhotep06). Asar Imhotep is a computer programmer, Cultural Theorist and Africana researcher from Houston, TX.

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The works of Fu-Kiau grounds us authentically in the African world-view and the Bantu-Kongo becomes a launching pad to speculate mihotep systematically ideas expressed in ancient Egypt.

The systematic methods of morphology, phonology and typology have been the tools par excellence in bringing to light similarities in African languages. What if some of those concepts are preserved in certain modern cultures because they are in-fact the originators of the ideas and practices in which the ancient Egyptians incorporated into their society? My last example of this practice comes from the year in Ghana.

Asar Imhotep Online Institute

We come to find out that this is not the case and in fact is an insult to our intelligence. In the past, this knowledge was transmitted regularly from generation to generation by rites of initiation and various forms of traditional education. As we can see, Mutwa went through several initiations, which means he found these types of experiences valuable and practical.

Due to colonialism, Africans have had to keep quiet about this ancient practice because of fear of death by imperial powers.

This super highway of wisdom still exists today and I posit that this is why you see identical philosophies and motifs across Africa and the world in general. If one pays attention to the book, one will realize that it chronicles the movement of the Bantu from Cameroon to the Sudan to South Africa.


They will ask you a question in return and force you to come up with your own answers. Due largely to the facts that the Dogon culture now resides in a land-locked area and that the Dogon possess deep spiritual knowledge, the culture has been preserved from colonial interruptions and influence.

No people can prescribe destiny for other human beings and it is their duty to shape their reality in a manner that meets the challenges of their environment.

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The Great Knowledge was divided into many parts and subdivisions. There are two records of their interaction: In General History of Africa Vol. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. He goes on to state Why do you have upwards to 10 words in the Egyptian language that represent the same concepts: In the old days, wisdom seekers were constantly on the road looking for sages from whom to learn. But for now we will review another quote from Mutwa which establishes in ancient times and to this date a grand BANTU culture in which these ideas were shared.

These tribes belong to the basic stock of all such tribes who identify themselves with the prefix Ba. Do you think they paid attention to the stars because they were trying to tell time? These incorporate all the tribes of the land of the Bu-Kongo right up to the southern parts of the land of the Ibo and Oyo Nigeria. Volume I seeks to refine and expand an authentic African-centered framework for research, inquiry and analysis with the goal of developing action-oriented solutions to issues facing the global African community.


Sages who dwell in wisdom centers across the continent do not want to make robots out of human beings where they spit back what has been programmed into them. If those who rule over us want to stay in power, then they must destroy our ability to love each other in a healthy sort of way.

He informs us that:. It is all codification.

Asar Imhotep –

In March ofon a Blog Talk Radio program www. This also explains why you do not find a full language cognate with ancient Egyptian: Methodology and African Prehistory.

Asar Imhotep offers us insight into why there is Cultural Continuity all over the African Continent as detailed here. Much has been accomplished in the field of historical linguistics to demonstrate relatedness between African languages. This language is actually the language of the Stone Age — the first efforts by man to speak. These are the histories of various African groups. Conclusion What I have attempted to establish here is the knowledge of a super highway of wisdom that is responsible for the mutual sharing of signs, symbols, ideas and customs from initiated scholars who have themselves travelled along these roads.

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