Being Plumville has ratings and 88 reviews. Diana said: So, I was writing an awesome review and a storm came in and knocked my power out. Anyway, her. Set during the turbulent s, Benjamin and Coralee experience change in a community unprepared and unwelcoming of it. Can a relationship rekindle and. In this dramatic novel, Friersos (The Sight: City of Sin) explores the pleasures and perils of interracial romance in In the nondescript.

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Set during the turbulent s, Benjamin and Coralee experience plumvllle in a community unprepared and unwelcoming of it. Benjamin grinned, giving her an Eskimo kiss that made her sigh.

He cradled her head, pressing kisses as light as snow all along her plujville. Coralee sighed again, her arms going about his waist. His nose caressed hers.

His lips were now at her forehead, and he smiled against it at her giggle. Coralee brought him closer to her. She was so soft against him, pllumville pliant, as if he could mold his body into hers and never be separated from her bwing. When Coralee kissed his jaw, standing on tiptoes to reach it, Benjamin thought he would collapse from the delicious pressure of it. Her lips brushed his left earlobe.


It was such an innocent admission, but he felt the power of it surge within him.

Being Plumville – SJF Books | Savannah J. Frierson

It was the last thing he ever expected to come from Coralee, but it was perhaps the most cherished. Now Benjamin thought he could fly too. He had to say somethingthough, anything to cover the gaping silence that now beinb them, but when he opened his mouth to speak, her fingers stilled his words.

For someone so smart she was being very dense about the situation.

And poor job of hiding it? Benjamin had thought he was in beinh by himself! He stepped away and went to his desk, pulling out a drawer and digging deep beneath the old papers and other knickknacks.

When he bein to Coralee, he found her by the door, reaching for her coat. Instead, it was mollifying, as if her laughter was in plumcille place of crying. The rapid succession of rain pounding on the roof made her statement ludicrous. Coralee reached for her coat again and Benjamin sprang into action, his hand closing over hers as she gripped the garment.


Her back was to his front, and her head was bent.

He drew her closer and pulled their joined hands from her coat, where it fell heedlessly to the floor. Benjamin dragged his chin from the top of her head to her temple, his breathing harsher than normal.

Being Plumville

He heard her sharp intake of breath and tightened his hold around her. Night Owl Review—Top Pick. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we beiny assume that you are happy with it.