Bhaja Govindam is a popular Hindu devotional composition attributed to Adi Shankara. This work of Adi Shankara underscores the view that devotion (Bhakti) to. Govinda leads us from darkness to light, ignorance to knowledge and despair to aspiration. Bhaja Govindam means, always sing the glory of the Lord, who is the . would like to chant Bhaja Govindam with you rather than give one sided lecture. Normally This sounded like those Telugu words and he lost the true meaning.

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The first stanza of the composition, featuring the eponymous line “Bhaja Govindam”, reads as follows: The only answer to get away from this extreme sense of attachment to the world is through intelligent lurics and detachment.

One has to renounce everything Manasa, Vacha and Karmana. This animal and momentary impulse is like fire, which can be used for good and bad. Time thus frolics and plays and life ebbs away. From time immemorial, it has been taught to us by the Rishis of yore that Vishnu is the All-pervading power in me, in you and everywhere. There are several means suggested by our great ancestors, which are valid for all times. How to get over this delusion?

It is also difficult to keep the accumulated wealth safe from others mezning thieves and cheats and a time comes even one’s own son or kith and kin may become enemy.

The first and the strongest sign of ego is development of body-consciousness. I also know very well my own limitations in understanding and then expressing myself, as it looks like a blind man guiding the other blind men.

Each devotee should seek one’s identity with that Spirit, Force, Reality, Truth and Supreme Braman or God, instead of wasting one’s time in materialistic pursuits of secular knowledge for worldly possessions, witg and fame. One should not delude oneself thinking that one can feel secured by amassing wealth.

He forgets his originality, which is endless peace and selfless love. Wealth can purchase only sense-gratification that too for a limited period of time but if one wants permanent peace of mind, the only recourse is to contemplate on God. One may be old and decrepit, unable to stand the cold, sits by fire to warm oneself, one cannot stretch one’s legs out due to cold and old age, not sure of next meal, yet desires bind one with their enormous power.

Then only one can transform noble thoughts into action and save the soceity from chaos. Under the present circumstances, I personally feel that there is nothing wrong to treat the photo of Ishta Daivam, holy book or a temple as Guru, but the only important condition is earnest desire and complete devotion to obtain liberation.


Hindu texts Sanskrit texts Bhakti movement Adi Shankara. Their external appearance and behaviour are not what they are actually by themselves. Before one’s birth, there is no such relationship as ‘father’ and ‘mother’, but once the body came into existence, we have relations. The old man moves about with the support of crutches. Instead, realising the illusory nature of these world of objects, one should concentrate and realise the state and true nature of Brahman.

It is the time now to achieve required balance of mind and to maintain it all through our lives. One has to make every effort not to allow the mind to stray even for a little while into forbidden grounds, otherwise, it will overpower and drag one into the depths of shame.

This can be removed only by devoted worship and prayer at the altar of the very Destroyer of Ego Murari. The best, easiest and the only way for such a conduct is to associate onself with good and enlightened men, which provides occasion for one to practice withdrawal from desire and attachment.

Likewise, the acquired knowledge should help us to realise the truth and make us to resolve not to take rest till we achieve the Ultimate. What is the first step to reach the Ultimate or to realise the Truth? Therefore, O fool, at least now understand the purport of life and cross the life’s ocean with the help of worshiping Govinda and reciting His sacred names with every breath that you take.

Bhaja Govindaj, Bhaja Govindam Meaning: Most of the human beings are under the wrong notion that one gets real pleasure if one succeeds in keeping the body comfortably. Soul is considered as the representative of God in the human body, which is made of Pancha Tanmatras, i. Srimad Bhagavad Gita teaches the basic difference between the body and the soul and how to overcome the body-consciousness, so that one is always established in the Soul-consciousness, which is the real happiness.

Bhaja Govindam

Any number of reasons or any length of argument ylrics hoard money for self or for dependents will not justify it for the simple reason that the excess it is accumulated the more contempt it breeds and the more problems it invites. Sri Sankaracharya brought about a moral, religious and spiritual harmony, integration, renaissance and awakening in the Hindu religion and society. Life is ultimately nothing but worry, misery and govlndam. Reflect thus at all times.

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By delving deeper into the philosophical implications of these verses, a sincere seeker will get the rare gems of knowledge in this simple composition of Jagatguru Sri Adi Sankaracharya. The purport of these words is that any amount of knowledge cannot save the soul when death knocks at the door of this limited body. The more one feels hurt, the more the intensity of the anger.

The mind does not get controlled, as it never learnt, when the body was young, the intellect plans for gvindam still, but unfortunately the body does not support these. Sri Adi Sankaracharya, having understood this practical difficulty of the beginners in devotion, has given a ladder-of-progress, by carefully climbing which, a seeker can comfortably reach the pinnacle of perfection. When that wisdom is integrated with life and issues out in action, it becomes devotion. It has a limit and anything beyond will become a cause for concern, anxiety and unhappiness.

Once in Banaras Kasias Sri Sankaracharya along with his disciples was going to the Ganges for taking bath, He overheard a very old Pundit cramming Panini’s grammar rules.

Having successfully dismissed all the sense-passions from one’s mind, turn the mind inwards for a close and critical observation of oneself to find out answers to the above questions, one would understand the witn of the world of names and forms and the enchantments of the objects and their vanities around us.

The mind waits for a chance to become prey to the deceitful senses. He always revels in the peaceful state goindam maintains perfect equipoise. Youth flies off in pursuits of love-making passion. It gets attracted only to impurities. A rich man is frightened even by his own son.

Telugu songs and lyrics — Welcome to the world of music : Bhaja Govindam — Adi Shankaracharya

The charity must flow from one’s own abundance and it should be done without any pomp and show, with a sense of brotherhood. Knowledge which has become mature is spoken ,yrics as devotion. To waste one’s life in lust and in passion of one’s flesh is definitely dissipating oneself in all faculties.

A discriminative intellect to distinguish between Nitya Eternal and Anitya impermanent should also be developed through constant and scientific thinking. God is the only goal to be achieved to get release from the bondage of Samsara.