I have two VIC 5’s with XH lamp houses dating about or so, so I would need schematic of machine and if possible schematic of. Cinemeccanica Victoria 5 film projector – my favourite to use. Offered in Catawiki’s Working Tools auction: 35 mm film projector Cinemeccanica Victoria 5 MI. 35 mm film projector years 90’s Cinemeccanica Victoria 5 MI with.

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The Film-Tech Forums are designed for various members related to the cinema industry to express their opinions, viewpoints and testimonials on various products, services and events based upon speculation, personal knowledge and factual information cinemefcanica use, therefore all views represented here allow no liability upon the publishers of this web site and the owners of said views assume no liability for any ill will resulting from these postings.

The posts made here are for educational as well as entertainment purposes and as such anyone viewing this portion of the website must accept these views as statements of the author of that opinion and agrees to release the authors from any and all liability. This topic comprises 2 pages: Biograd na Moru, Croatia Registered: I cihemeccanica two VIC 5’s with XH lamp houses dating about or so, so I would need schematic of machine and if possible schematic of interconnection to it like mains supply, changeover and so.

Film-Tech Forum: Cinemeccanica Victoria 5 with ZENITH XH schematic needed

Tried in manual section, but only part list is available. For the Vic5 try also here: I can email it to you if that is what you want.

No connections diagram though in it. I have to look harder.


If you have, I will now send you mail on PM so you can send it there, tnx!. Aradippou, Larnaca, Cyprus Registered: Note that if you have a faulty dowser button on any of the projectors, one dowser or the other will not work. As far as the power connections, I remember they are on the three or four very bottom right pins but I don’t recall the actual connections.

Hope the above helps. London, Ontario, Canada Registered: Coupled with the original pedestal of a V5 it gives perfect alignments. I would recommend replacing the Cinemeccanica igniter with an IREM one for various reasons not that the Cinemeccanica won’t work.

Imbil Australia 26 deg 27′ Im interested to hear your reasons for changing the Cinemeccanica ignitor for an Irem. I’m currently rebuilding a Cinemeccanica X and am thinking along the same lines.

Film-Tech Forum: Cinemeccanica Victoria 5 For Sale

Cinemecccanica possible you could always try to get a different lamp house. This model isn’t that bad, but drives me nuts some days [Smile] lamp replacements at 1am are just annoying with it – you’d never guess what i did tonight Why?? I unscrew old, and screw new in 5 min?

I think the Cinemeccanica lamphouses come in for undue criticism.

Ive found them reliable and with good to great light output and easy to service. BTW, thanks for the contacts regards the auxilliary mirrors. They arrived and I am very happy with them. However, this model we are discussing in this thread I find frustrating. I have had this conversation with Gord, and I agree that you can ccinemeccanica them look great if you take your time and have patience. The downside is that when you’re changing the lamp you have to swivel out the reflector to get the space to actually remove the cinemsccanica lamp the fact that the victoriaa house is this tight of a fit bothers me at 1am So So the issue is when you try to realign the lamp.


kelonik – Home Page

I simply feel that this lamp house isn’t as well thought out as other cinemeccanica’s. They are good lamphouses with good ventilation although from the looks of it seems that it might be lacking. They are small, robust, easy to connect, they offer automatic as well as manual ignition.

With the Cinemeccanica igniter you needed to add a certain board I don’t recall the 55 but I have it somewhere I think to incorporate automatic ignition of the bulb not that that is a problem. Cinemmeccanica had one failure of a certain part of the Cinemeccanica igniter over the years but nothing else to justify. Also in the ZH is wise to check the inlet limit switch which will allow the lamp to switch on. One last thing is to make sure that the lamps’ cable is not very near to the shutter of the lamphouse.

I’ve had a cinrmeccanica once replace a lamp and kept telling me it wouldn’t strike. I opened the lamphouse shutter and the lamp ignited fine and then realinged the lamp with no problems. So Marin did you actually manage the changeover or not yet?

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