Tachograph TCO **. –. SE* (Stoneridge Electronics). –. SE** ( Stoneridge Electronics). •. Digital tachographs. –. Digital tachograph DTCO –. BSI-DSZ-ITSECMA Digital Tachograph DTCO ,. Release from. VDO Automotive AG. SOGIS-MRA. The IT product identified in this report. BSI-DSZ-CC for. Digital Tachograph DTCO Release from. Continental Automotive GmbH.

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The technology company Continental tachogrzph currently launching the latest version of its digital tachograph, which has proven its reliability millions of times. In advance of its release, the experts improved the DTCO 3.


The display, flexibility and card handling performance have been significantly enhanced, and the unit also consumes less power than its DTCO 2. Drivers benefit from faster processing when a two-man crew is in the vehicle and they can also use mobile devices to record their additional manual entries, making them much clearer, up-to-date and — importantly — reducing the risk of errors.

This function was also available on the DTCO 2. In the future, drivers and fleet managers alike can communicate with the tachograph.


This relieves the burden on drivers and on the managers who bear the responsibility for them. With the new tachograph and the DTCO Configuration App, fleet managers now have the option of setting several operating parameters at the VDO counter themselves, adapting them to specific company activities and saving a trip to the workshop.

The company card serves as proof of identity.

The Digital Tachograph 3.0 from VDO: Faster, brighter and more flexible

Now users can customize functions hedienungsanleitung from the VDO counter to the local time, set the pre-alarms they require and enter licenses, EU Member State and the vehicle registration number. Wide range of functions for a responsible task: Especially interesting for many fleet managers is the fact that they can now define how the tachograph behaves when the driver switches off the engine.

As well as being able to make settings themselves, fleet managers also benefit from the greater efficiency of the new DTCO 3. The Continental developers have almost doubled the downloading speed.

Drivers can operate the DTCO 3. The management of the inserted cards has also been improved: The VDO counter also displays driving times and rest periods on the smartphone — so users benefit from considerable bedienungsznleitung and cost savings and much more clarity. The app is available free of charge for Android and iOS operating systems.


The new DTCO 3. With its advanced DTCO 3.

There will be no compulsory changeover, however, so older tachograph models can still be used after the June deadline next year. An on-board digital tachograph has been compulsory since for all newly registered trucks with a total weight of more than 3.

VDO DTCO 1381 Operating Instructions Manual

VDO tachographs have been on the market since and are still manufactured at the Villingen site, although VDO is now part of the Continental international technology company, so the company has the extensive experience and expertise to offer the products dtc market needs in good time. We use cookies to ensure that we give you ttachograph best experience on our website. Click here to find out more or to change your cookie settings.

The new Digital Tachograph 3. Home Press Press Releases.