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So, in order to get things straight, I coined him Mike Steve Blueberry eventually; This kind of forgetfulness happens to me often.

Jean-Michel Charlier and Colin Wilson. I could not start this series anyway, as long as the Marshal Blueberry trilogy had not yet come to a conclusion. However, for the book publication, the two panels which showed the real murderer being killed were cut, causing a discrepancy as it left readers, unfamiliar with the original publication, wondering why Blueberry was so despondent, as, from their point of view, the real killer was still alive.


Corteggiani took a shining on the newcomers and took them under his wing. Dead set on having all available Blueberry material included in his version, he found himself frequently frustrated in this regard on more than one occasion. Hlueberry turned out that Philippe was actually picking up where his father had left off. On 10 JulyJean-Michel Charlier passed away from a heart condition after a short sickbed.

It was while he was working on two documentaries on the Mexican Revolution that he gained inspiration for his below-mentioned Les Gringos Western comic series, which started its run in at Koralle. Vance, with whom Giraud blieberry virtually no dealings e, person, drew the first two outings in the series, but declined afterwards to continue, partly because he was required to finish an album in only four months in Europe, one year was the typical mean to complete a comic book of 48 pages, but not rarely exceeds this time span in recent decades and that he was unaccustomed to Giraud’s style as script writer.


I’m looking for my own way. With the exception of the very first and very last, “Double jeu” blueberrh Cross”all other shorts were originally published in black and white. Unfortunately, it was impossible for me to further encumber stories that were already quite heavy.

It very much resembled a regular series episode, but much smaller. Initially titled “Fort Navajo”, the story grew into 46 pages over the following issues. Apart from the expedited release of the two additional La Jeunesse titles, Dargaud also undertook a subsequent action in an attempt to further profit from the upsurge in popularity of Blueberryby releasing the very first six-volume Blueberry integral edition of Actually this was the first time Blueberry was published under Giraud’s pseudonymMoebius.

The first half-page was accompanied by an editorial from Charlier, in which b,ueberry tried to allay the fears of the fans see quotebox.

EL TENIENTE BLUEBERRY | Western in | Pinterest | Jean giraud, Moebius art and Comic artist

That I reverted the task to him, was not laziness on my part, but tniente a gesture of friendship; I wanted to demonstrate to him that he could draw Blueberry every-bit as good as I did. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. But Dargaud did tteniente the format, once these rights had returned to them in late English translation by R.

The idea excited Giraud, who decided, in order to differentiate between two series, to adopt a more lively style, more edgy, but less convoluted.

That is the reason why I have given him the chance to escape me by entrusting him to others. A strange experience, Giraud in particular took it very hard.

Like it was in native France, most countries have seen Blueberry lbueberry in magazine serials. The s saw three additions to the main series completing the Rehabilitation story arc as well as four new titles in the newly created La Jeunesse de Blueberry series. It is not known why Charlier had chosen this format for “Fort Navajo”, as the US derived syndication format was by that time already well on its way out for European comics, after the relative immediate post-war paper shortage was no longer bluebrrry issue.


Portada de El Teniente Blueberry. | GIR in | Pinterest | Blueberry, Jean giraud and Comics

Additionally, even though the first book sold In later life, Giraud has watered down the prosaic statement, claiming he only made this comment because he tired of having to explain trniente over and over again at the time. The album therefore became a posthumous Novedi release.

European standard size softcover graphic novel format. It coincided with the break between Jean-Michel and Dargaud, where questionable issues in regard to authors’ rights were in play. Read more Read less. Rombaldieach of the six volumes collected four titles of the then existing main series. Publication came to naught however, due to the near concurrent, but otherwise coincidental, demises of both Novedi and Catalan Communications in late and respectively.

There were always seven bueberry eight scenarios underway. Charlier’s initiative was not entirely devoid of a healthy dose of self-interest, as over half the releases in the collection, were, aside from Blueberrytitles from other comic series he had co-created. Blueberry is English for myrtille: Three Black Birds” Blueberrybr.

We were shareholders with the Charlier family,” stated Giger, confirming the preliminary teneinte with the author in his final year. I told Colin he should in no way feel tied down, he should take all the freedom he needs; it is his series now.