Eloisa James, New York Times bestselling romance author of When Beauty Tamed the Beast, puts a chilly, powerful duke in bed with an intelligent, beautiful . Title: This Duchess of Mine. Author: Eloisa James. Genre: Historical (Georgian) romance. Publisher: Avon Publishing Date: May 26, Eloisa James, New York Times bestselling romance author of When Beauty Tamed the Beast, puts a chilly, powerful duke in bed with an intelligent, beautiful. .

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If you’ve never read Eloisa James before, don’t start with this one – I think it’s her weakest so far.

This Duchess of Mine

Looks like I should have read Isidore’s book before this. It had been her experience that men were driven by lust above duty. But what manner of seduction will make a man fall desperately in love. It’s rather like having two lives.

Kensington, London, England Elijah seemed like a cold boring man and when he pulled down the curtains and showed his real self does that sound wrong only to me?? Not content with that, she further raised eyebrows upon arriving i Infidelity galore.

No man can resist Jemma’s sensuous allure. Lists elosia This Book. That was nice and made things go from tepid and dull to interesting. I have enjoyed many other books by James, but this one was mercifully slow-paced and dull. I promise I would.

This Duchess of Mine (Desperate Duchesses Book 5) eBook: Eloisa James: : Kindle Store

Luckily that part of the story is short and really highlights that Jemma doesn’t really understand her husband. On the whole, though, I found myself far more interested in the Duke ,ine Villiers’ comings and goings, and the advent of the drug digitalis, than I was about the romantic reunion of the long-married, nearly-as-long-separated Duke and Duchess of Beaumont.

Years of separation and lack of communication have led to misunderstandings between the couple. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

What a tribute Dangerous Liasons this was!! Jun 13, Lindsay Allison rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jemma and Elijah, the Duke and Duchess of Beaumont, married young. Jemma is a strong character, with an outgoing personality, definitely ha Ok, I read this series all out of order, so this was the last one for me.


Because it was gooood!!!

When I wrote about a miscarriage in Midnight PleasuresI used my own fears of premature birth; when the little girl in Fool For Love threw up and threw up, I described my own daughter, who had that unsavory habit for well over ducehss first year of life. James should have cured Elijah in the first chapter and found an I was very much looking forward to reading Elijah and Jemma’s story, after their recurring, ‘teaser’ appearances in the other stories.

Jemma is frustrated that Elijah loves his work in parliament and his noble ideals more than he loves her or himself. One of the things I loved about the book is that he softens around the edges about being a workaholic trying to save the world but he never does give it up – and Jemma accepts it about him, just as he accepts her impulses, her fashions, and her temper.

She even had all her teeth, to reduce the subject to the level of cattle. Audible Download Audio Books. I loved this book because the desperation of unrequited love rang true to me.

Both chess masters, Jemma and Elijah have a tendency to be more strategic than honest. Many of the other reviewers have elaborated on the details much better than I can, but here are my issues: My fears turned out to be well-founded. Not to mention that they never even speak of the fact that he told Jemma that he loved the woman. Lol yes I know Eloisa has rendered me a man woman. I loved the Georgian time period and all it encompasses, including powdered wigs, panniers and beauty patches.

He cheated on her, she caught them, he told her that he loved his mistress and she left him. Jun 27, Maria rated it it was amazing. Read more Read less. When I rip off my power suit, whether it’s academic or romantic, underneath is the rather tired, chocolate-stained sweatshirt of a mom. Partially, I think I’m frustrated because some of the things that needed to be communicated Jemma’s growing affection for Elijah; Elijah’s immense and abject regret; explanations for why he claimed to have loved his mistress in the first place; Jemma’s reasoning for flirting with Villiers weren’t, and things that had already been discussed were dissected again and again.


It was wonderful and romantic and put a silly smile on my face. James decides to write stories for at least some of the children of the Desperate Duchesses couples, as she intrigued me greatly in the epilogue.

She had blue eyes, hair of a deep golden color, a very elegant nose Jemma particularly liked her nose and crimson lips. It started to give the characters’ voices Jemma in particular a pretentious frivolous edge that got tiring and obnoxious after a while.

Eloisa James writes light historicals often featuring multiple and ongoing storylines. Another good one in the series! So I’m a writer, a professor, a mother – and a wife. I actually feel bad for Jemma and I blame all their problems on Elijah. After graduating from Harvard University, Eloisa got an M. This book cann Eloisa James writes light historicals often featuring multiple and ongoing storylines.

This Duchess of Mine (Desperate Duchesses, #5) by Eloisa James

The duke and duchess may need to create an heir, but what each truly desires is for the other to give them their heart. His adoration of Jemma and snarky personality and cold demeanor was very engaging.

She wanted him to look at her with the same hunger that he showed for a new bill in Parliament. How was this going to be resolved? He loosens up a little, though he’s still pretty set in his ways. There is also the fact that Elijah is a type of hero romance novels do not do often enough – he is neither a rake nor a manchild nor a witty wastrel.