Editorial Reviews. Review. “In her irresistible debut McCarty gives life to the exciting and Monica McCarty is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of numerous Scottish historical romance novels, including the Campbell. Highlander Unmasked: A Novel (Macleods of Skye) [Monica McCarty] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Alex MacLeod’s virile physique. Rory MacLeod is a bold and powerful Highland Chief with only one allegiance–to his clan. He vows revenge against the rival MacDonald clan, though.

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He wants revenge on Dougal MacDonald who is betraying the Highlanders by giving information to the king. Elizabeth has warned Meg that while she untamde Meg, her brother deserves someone who loves him back, and Elizabeth knows that Meg is in love with Alex.

There were some indications in Highlander Untamed that at one time, when Alex was acting as a chief for Rory, he made a colossal mistake while fighting with the MacDonalds. Kissing and touching were good but Meg decided she needs to make up her mind. Mccaryt would have never recognized him had I not gone into this book knowing who he was. If you’ve read one Monica McCarty Highlander romance, you’ve pretty much read them all.

I mean when a man tells you he is getting sex elsewhere, you do NOT put on a sexy dress and throw yourself at him! Afterwards, they go to the tower, takes a shower, eats and then takes rest But Alex insists mcxarty has to go untsmed Lewis and help his MacLeod cousins. When she was on her way to Skye, Dougal kidnaps the whole party, to bring Alex down.

She is as equally determined as Alex to do what is right by her clan and being so much alike brings up more, to their already numerous amount of obstacles, in the way of their relationship. He does love her mcdarty but he cannot offer her anything because of the situation he is in and knowing that Jamie still plans on proposing he sets out to drive her away.


The way that the author unveiled Alex’s past left you intrigued, even though you already knew most of the story from the first novel but unamed set it unta,ed nicely for new readers who haven’t. Given to his natural born knack for leadership, it was obvious that Alex needed to make something for himself.

Este libro empieza con drama, ya para hacernos sufrir de buenas a primeras. We appreciate your feedback. Isabel also writes letters to her family but no one replies. Anyway, Jamie visits Dunakin to propose to Meg monicca. To view it, click here. Very much worth the time and money. Now, why Sleat chose Isabel for this task?

I just couldn’t understand why Rory would have allowed his pretty little sister to be handfasted trial marriage for a year to such a nasty, unhygienic, cruel and ugly bastard. A Storm of Pleasure. My review contains spoilers and they’re mostly my thoughts as I went with the book Though I was a wee bit confused in the begging as to what Alex problem was, what he thought he had to atone for, I thought this was already resolved in the first novel.

But Isabel is almost a saint.

Highlander Unmasked

She then finds out the the plan thats in motion to kill Alex and she rushes off to tell him in order to save him. Torn between duties and love, both Meg and Alex would highlandsr to make life changing decisions that will lead them to danger. Return to Book Page.

His brain basically fell into his mighty manly sword. But when she is rescued by Alex she cant get him out of her mind.


Highlander Unchained Monica McCarty. I’ve read this about 2 times already and it never loses its romantic thrill. Reading her thoughts and the story from her perspective is exhausting, which makes reading her and Alex love story almost nauseating. She begins to admire her husband more and more. The 2 clans are enemies because of a wrong done to hithlander of the McLeods and they have been fighting for the past 2 years.

Alex also will be a wanted man or dead after he fights on Lewis Island. In the first book he was more lighthearted, quick to smile etc whereas in this the years as a warrior have hardened him. Anyway, my 1st read of Monica McCarty was not fun or even interesting.

Highlander Untamed (MacLeods of Skye, book 1) by Monica McCarty

I liked how she grew up and realized that her uncle was the villain, not her husband. And God it made me angry. Then they make untamef and he proposes. I loved Alex from the first novel so was engrossed with him right away.

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He almost led his men to the castle they were supposed bring down when Dougal comes out with Meg. Leave her without ever having the intention of coming back and never communicating with her.

Alex was sexy and intense. Meg Mackinnon daughter to another Chieftain is in court to find a husband highlandfr as a duty to her clan.