Get the IMM E – Citoyennet et Immigration Canada – cic gc. Description. Citizenship and Immigration Canada Citoyennet et Immigration Canada. Claimants ceased using the IMM for refugee claims effective December 15, Instead, they began completing the following forms. port of entry into Canada, the Applicant completed form IMM – Claim for Refugee Protection in Canada (IMM ). In this form he said his scars resulted .

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Other officers could then refer to these documents at various stages, thereby reducing the volumes of ijm transferred. The officers would need to create the claimant as a client In case the officers find the claimant only in FOSS: This is especially so if the criminality checks form part of the refugee claimant intake process.

In FOSS, officers did not need to record the outcome of all criminality checks conducted as part of the refugee claimant intake process. Being respectful of human rights and, Offering state protection The new legislation has brought about certain changes in the way that DCO claimants would need to follow, when they proceed through the refugee protection system.

Credibility Program integrity Security or, Criminality If they find that the claim raises any of these concerns, they would need to examine the claim further. As was the case earlier, the authorities entitle persons whose refugee claims are ineligible under A 1 f to a PRRA. However, this would depend on:. The refugee intake officers would need to transfer the file to the triage office, closest to the city, where the authorities would hear the refugee claim.

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Moved to the shared electronic file folder? On DATE, we received your mailed-in refugee application. The triage officers would handle referrals from refugee intake officers on a priority basis.

The subsequent sections cover these details. They could refer to OBD for more details. The family class and, Humanitarian and compassionate consideration Officers would need to key in certain details for foreign nationals, who were a part of kmm designated irregular arrival, into the FOSS and the GCMS.


This Act introduced many changes to the refugee protection system.

Complete the forms found at the following omm www. Officers would need to courier these packages to the RPD, especially if they include items or copies imk The fact that currently, only port of entry claimants would need to submit their completed BOC directly to the RPD Earlier, all claimants bore the responsibility for submitting their completed PIF directly to the Refugee Protection Division RPD The stipulation that all port of entry claimants would need to submit their BOCs within 15 calendar days Earlier, claimants could submit the PIF within a day submission deadline When inland claimants meet the inland officer, they must provide the inland officer with: The claimant appears to be making a claim for accessing benefits e.

This would also save the CIC staff time for entering the data into the system. Should you have any questions about this process, please refer to our website www. Officers would need to give refugee claimants the Information Pamphlet for Refugee Claimants.

Operational Bulletins – July 24, –

The documentation provided by the person or, The declarations provided by the person Officers would need to refer to the updated list of DCOs on the CIC website, in case of doubt. The CBSA is also responsible for cases that involve: Establishing the identity of the persons involved in the arrival Determining the inadmissibility of the persons involved in the arrival or, Any related investigations concerning persons in the group There are reasonable grounds for suspecting that, in relation to the arrival of the group, that there has been or will be a contravention of subsection 1 related to organised human smuggling: Once they have completed this, the system will: After this, the officers would need to ensure that they transfer the information collected along with the file to the appropriate CIC or CBSA triage office.


This is regardless of whether the person claims against that particular country or not. Please refer to this link to find out where you can go to make your claim www.

Thereafter, the Notice to Appear would contain the new dates as follows: They have information that the IRB is unaware of or, If they come across questions or concerns raised with respect to: Return them and, Inform the client that the client needs to bring the forms to a CIC office in person Refer to the template letter officers would need to issue the client in this situation given at the end of this document Officers would not ask claimants to undergo their Immigration Medical Examination prior to their eligibility decision This is in accordance with an Order in Council, dated June 30which respects the Interim Federal Health Program IFHP Intake Appointment The advent of the new system has not changed the procedures concerning processing of claimants at the interview significantly.

Designated Foreign Nationals cannot apply for Permanent Residence PR after the authorities confer the status of refugee protection on them.

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Currently, the authorities consider a refugee claim to be ineligible if: Thereafter, these refugee intake officers would need to transfer the file to the triage office, closest to the city, where the authorities would hear the refugee claim. For the most part, refugee hearings are non-adversarial in nature. The only exception to this was a scenario where the Minister was of the opinion that the person was a danger to the public in Canada. Once the officers create the client and the application, they would need to schedule the prospective claimant for their intake interview in the GCMS.